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As someone who already owns a French bulldog I had very high expectations when it came to purchasing my little girl. The thought of getting another was always in the back of my mind but I never found the “one.” I came across Silverlining French bulldogs through Instagram and fell in love with all their fur-babies!! I immediately contacted Javy and set an appointment to see the pups the very next day. “Latte” stole my heart!! At the time the puppies were only 3 weeks old, Javy and his wife were extremely patient with me and constantly sent me pictures of our new baby. Once we brought her home we were amazed with how smart she was. She was completely trained to go on her wiwi pad and knew the difference between the grass and patio. This shows what care and attention they give to their pups. Latte, now LunaJane, is seven months old and till this day Javy stays in communication with me to see how she is doing. You don’t see this with a lot of breeders. Overall my experience with Silverlining has been great and I recommend them to anyone looking for the perfect Frenchie! Not only are their pups beautiful but they also have the best temperaments.



Blue French Bulldog Luna Jane

"Happy customers become repeat customers", that's always been my motto in breeding English Bulldogs. When I wanted to integrate our program from not only breeding quality English Bulldogs but also French Bulldogs I did my research and found the Picon family, we're certainly one happy family being that our Silverlining French Bulldog experience has produced our Marie, and I couldn't be more elated, we will be coming back to use their studs as well. Dogs in general are always uniquely different in personality but one constant we have found with our Frenchie, "Marie Antoinette" is that she is a quality canine in temperament and disposition, and very sound. Soundness in very active dogs simply tells you that they are conformationally correct and very resilient. One of the main reasons we are repeat customers is that we know the environment that the puppies are raised in. The dogs are a part of the family and raised in a family environment being exposed to real life situations. When we bought Marie, she was fully armed with the very best health care and meticulous records of family history. We couldn't be happier and will always recommend The Picon family for all of your Frenchie needs. The Langdon Family ~Ancient City Bullies~

Blue French Bulldog Marie

We purchased our blue sable boy, Waffles, a few months ago and we couldn't be more proud of our baby :) Jay was awesome and very professional. He drove over 20 hours to hand deliver our boy to us. We feel very lucky to be able to own a Silverlining Frenchie and will hopefully get another in the future :) Here's a pic of our little stud muffin at 7 months old..



Blue Sable French Bulldog Waffles

We couldn't be happier with our little man, he's good looking, smart and a riot... triple threat lol We want to thank the Silverlining crew for our amazing little man Odin. We couldn’t be happier with the way our stud is turning out! He’s short, compact, always has a clean bill of health at check-ups and might just be the funniest little personality out there. Odin turns heads everywhere he goes in NYC due to his outstanding pedigree and confirmation. Silverlining was easy to work with, extremely helpful throughout the process of purchasing Odin and continued to help us out with questions about establishing stud service after the purchase was complete. We highly recommend Silverlining French Bulldogs any time we have a friend or family member looking for the perfect frenchie. We hope to add more Silverlining pups to our squad in the future! Thanks Jay and family.


Andrea and Odin

Blue French Bulldog Odin

December 17th 2015 was the day that our lives expanded by four little paws. For months we had talked about getting a frenchie but wanted to make sure we found the perfect breeder and the perfect puppy. Of course this meant putting in quite a few hours of research which was worth every minute. We soon came across Silverlining French Bulldogs and spoke with Jay back and forth asking questions. Whenever we had a question it was thoroughly answered within hours. After looking at a ton of pictures of the available puppies we made a decision and the process of setting up a date and time to pick him up was a breeze. We were so thrilled that we are now looking into giving Winston a new brother. 


Winston is now almost 8 months old and the light of our lives. He is the sweetest little boy who loves every human and animal he meets. Winston loves to cuddle, give kisses, play in the park, learn new tricks, go for walks and to pick new toys out at Petsmart (as if three bins of toys is not enough already). When we moved in February we had no idea that Winston was the talk of the neighborhood (but then again who doesn't love a frenchie?!). Most of our neighbors heard about how sweet and adorable our little guy was before they met him.


On May 20th Winston attended his first Philadelphia Phillies game for the Bark in the Park event and made the big screen numerous times. Throughout the night a countless number of people came up to us to compliment Winston's beautiful appearance and how well behaved he was for being so young. He even had the opportunity to meet a 10 year old frenchie! We are so blessed to have found such a wonderful breeder and to have Winston in our lives. 


Talk to you soon,


Blue Fawn French Bulldog Winston

Getting our daughter a puppy was on our minds for a very long time. As a family we decided that a French Bulldog would be the perfect fit for our lifestyle. We had no idea that we would be head over heels with this beautiful girl! I picked Aurora out because she was the most adorable fur baby I had ever seen. I had never had a dog of my own. So I had no clue how to care for a puppy. The process was great, Janet and her husband gave me clear instructions on how to care for her. They had very open communication with me and held my hand every step of the way. I kept in touch and sent pictures. Aurora is perfect. She hasn’t had any medical issues. She is a healthy, funny and loving dog. Her personality is hilarious. At times she gets confused and makes pretend she is a bunny and bounces around. Other times she like to ignore me hahaha but she is willing to do anything for a treat. After hearing so many horror stories, all I could say is I am so glad we purchased Rory A.K.A Aurora formally known as Elenor from  Silverlining. Thank you so much  for making this so easy. We can’t wait for our next Frenchie. 

Ana Cinfuentes 

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